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Researcher, Data Scientist, Satellite Communications and ICT professional. I have over two decades experience  working with big data, data analytics, data modelling, algorithms, databases and software development’s entire life cycle using OO, SSADM and Scrum methodologies. 

With a PhD in Satellite Communications, an MSc (with Distinction) in Mobile & Satellite Communications, an MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics/Statistics, I have led/participated in several ICT projects across various industry sectors. 

I have published several highly-cited journal and conference papers in satellite communications focusing on fade mitigating techniques for rainfall attenuation by developing and testing novel models for rainfall drop size distributions using data mining techniques. 

I am currently working on the prediction of satellite signal fade with Deep Learning and ACM strategies to mitigate signal fade along the Earth-Space path.

My Skillset

Satellite Communications, Research, ICT and Management Consulting, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Rainfall Drop Size Distribution (DSD) and Attenuation Studies, Systems and Organisations’ Re-engineering, Change management. 

My Passions

- Chess.

- Exploring the beauty of mathematics as expressed in nature.

- Scientific inquiries.

- Classics.

- General do-gooder.

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